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Stenner 85mhp17
What is Stenner 85MHP17?

Stenner 85MHP17 is a model number of a popular pump manufactured by Stenner Pump. Stenner Pump is a manufacture of Peristaltic Pumps based out of Jacksonville Florida.

What does Stenner 85MHP17 mean?

Stenner model 85MHP17 is Stenner Part Number The stenner model number of the Neptune Series 85 Stenner Pump is  . The item number of the pump is Stenner 85MJH2.

What does item number 45MJH2 stand for?

The "85M" represents the Series model number by Stenner Pump.

The "J" represents the pump is an adjustable series pump.

The "H" means it is a high pressure pump and is rated to a maximum pressure of 100 psi.

The "2" represents the pump is designed to pump between 0.8 to 17 gpd.

What are the features of Stenner Pump?
The main feature of a Stenner Pump is you do not hav to prime the pump or worry about losing chemical suction back pressure. This makes the pump ideal for pumping hard to pump chemicals such as Sodium Hypochlorite or Chlorine. Chlorine self degasses which means it will release air bubbles. these air bubbles get trapped into the suction line. When using a diaphragm pump, the pump will typically lose prime. The Stenner Pump being a peristaltic pump is not effected from trapped air bubbles since it the pumping mechanics are much different. This make Stenner ideal for pumping chlorine or sodium hypochlorite and every other chemical. In regards to metering other chemicals, Stenner Pump is far easier and more reliable of a pump.

What are Stenner Pump limitations?
The only limitations is the pressure. These pumps are rated to either a maximum pressure of 25 or 100 psi.

What are the 6 items I need to know when specifying a Stenner Pump?
When specifying a Stenner Series 85 pump there a 6 items you must be aware of. These items include:

1. Discharge pressure - (max. either 25 or 100 psi)
2. Maximum dosage required in gpd (gallons per day)  - Many different types.
3. Dosage rate - Fixed or Adjustable head
4. Voltage - 120 V or 220 V
5. Type of chemical and compare to the chemical compatibility
6. Suction and discharge tubing size - 1/4" or 3/8"

Where can I purchase Stenner Pumps?
You can buy Stenner Pumps directly from Click on the Add to Cart to view all the features of a Stenner Series 85 pump.

Stenner Pump
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Stenner Pump - Variable Series

Who is Stenner Pump? And Where is Stenner Pump located?
Stenner Pump is a manufacture of peristaltic metering pumps and they are located in Jacksonville, FL.

How are Stenner Pumps manufactured?
Stenner Pumps are manufactured in the USA and are assembled to order.

How do I install a Stenner Pump?
Watch this installation video for more information.

For more information on Stenner Pumps, please contact us direct.

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